As an intensive outpatient program (IOP) in Santa Monica for the treatment of addiction, trauma, and dual diagnosis. RESOLUTIONS has gradually become the premier outpatient program in the greater Los Angeles area, offering an individualized, holistic, and integrative approach using only evidence-based treatment modalities.

Staffed by licensed clinical psychologists and board-certified psychiatrists who have all worked for world class residential and outpatient treatment centers in the past, the RESOLUTIONS team offers a level of clinical depth and experience that is unparalleled among existing outpatient treatment programs. 

At RESOLUTIONS, our mission is to provide the most effective treatment possible so that clients can lead more enriched and happy lives and enrich the lives of those around them. We will seek to be of service to clients by providing an overwhelming sense of security to them as they heal, through honesty, dependability, and an unwavering respect for them as individuals. A safe environment will allow clients to recover and strive to live a sober life both physically and emotionally, which will allow them to maximize their potential and be of service to others. Clients are encouraged not to turn their back on their weaknesses, but rather turn those liabilities into their greatest assets so they can become active and contributing members of society. RESOLUTIONS staff members will go above and beyond their role as an employee, even after clients complete their treatment at RESOLUTIONS, because they are committed agents of change and passionate about their work.



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