We know that trying to find the right treatment center for yourself or someone you love can be an overwhelming and difficult process. That's why we're here to support you all day, every day by answering your questions, discussing your concerns, and giving you entirely impartial and independent advice on the best way forward for you. If RESOLUTIONS is not the best fit or an appropriate level of care, we will provide recommendations to other programs that might be more suitable for your needs. Here are some of the reasons clients have given for why they chose RESOLUTIONS over other intensive outpatient treatment centers:

1) The RESOLUTIONS staff are unique not only in their 300+ years of combined professional work experience, but because most of them have been working together as a team for the past decade in the same residential treatment centers. It cannot be overstated just how important it is for a clinical team to get along with one another and work together. There is nothing more important than coordination of care when it comes to providing effective treatment. The fact that our team has already teamed up in other settings working with a very similar clientele and clinical population is truly an asset. This unity and years of collaboration make the RESOLUTIONS team exceptional in their team work and daily communication with one another. In addition, we have a weekly multidisciplinary clinical meeting, in which we discuss each individual case in detail, including case conceptualization, differential diagnostic formulations, and treatment planning.

2) The majority of existing outpatient treatment programs consist of a young adult population of clients between the ages of 18-25. There really isn't an IOP out there for someone who is older where they would feel comfortable with same-age peers. You may wish to call around and inquire as to the age range of clients who are currently in other programs. At RESOLUTIONS, we treat young adults as well but place them in a separate group from the others to ensure that clients make age appropriate connections with peers with whom they often maintain relationships outside of IOP. Professionals have repeatedly told us that they appreciated being in a more sophisticated group with other professionals or clients with more responsibilities (e.g., work, family).

3) Most treatment centers, particularly at the outpatient level, rely almost exclusively on group psychotherapy as the primary treatment modality, while providing a maximum of one individual therapy session per week. Again, you can call around and ask how many times you or your loved one would have a full 1-hour individual therapy session with a therapist. It is more cost effective for treatment centers to have clients placed in large groups of 15-20 people rather than provide 15-20 hours of separate individual therapy sessions. At RESOLUTIONS our focus is more on individual therapy, which people get every day they participate in our IOP. This is unheard of in addiction and dual diagnosis treatment programs.

4) For those who have been to residential treatment in the past or are coming out of rehab and transitioning to IOP as part of a step-down or after-care plan, they have done a multiplicity of groups and hopefully spent time identifying some of the areas that require additional focus. RESOLUTIONS provides an appropriate setting for such work with individual therapy, which every client receives on a daily basis, in addition to the rest of their curriculum. We also understand the importance of group psychotherapy, which is why we have 15 groups from which clients can choose. Our groups consist of a maximum of eight people, which allows more time for each individual even within the group context. Our experience has show that individual therapy can be a more efficient modality for some clients who require an entire hour focused solely on them, as opposed to 10 minutes (or less) of a one-hour group session.

5) At RESOLUTIONS we believe that knowledge, experience and credentials matter when it comes to delivering absolute top-notch quality of care. That is why all of our individual therapists are licensed and doctoral level; treatment is not delivered by interns, recent graduates, or drug and alcohol counselors. The clinical depth of the treatment team is unparalleled. We have over 300 years of combined clinical experience to offer clients. In addition, most of the staff have worked together in the past at the same treatment centers and thus have established an effective style of collaboration that ensures coordination of treatment. We encourage you to investigate other programs, and when you do you may wish to inquire about the credentials of the individual therapists, as well as how long they have worked together on the treatment team.

6) RESOLUTIONS is owned and supervised by licensed psychologists, not investors, businessmen, and/or large corporations. It makes a big difference when you have clinicians running a treatment program. Our clinician expertise, level of professional experience, code of ethics, and commitment to excellence are all infused into our core values and positively impact the work that we do with our clients.


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