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Mental Health, Trauma, and Addiction Treatment in Santa Monica

We offer a continuum of care, including day treatment/partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient (IOP), outpatient (OP), and alumni/after-care support. RESOLUTIONS specializes in the treatment of primary mental health, trauma, addiction, and co-occurring disorders (dual diagnosis).

Mental Health
Dual Diagnosis

Why Choose Resolutions?

We know that trying to find the right treatment center for yourself or someone you love can be an overwhelming and difficult process. That’s why we’re here to support you all day, every day by answering your questions, discussing your concerns, and giving you entirely impartial and independent advice on the best way forward for you. If RESOLUTIONS is not the best fit or an appropriate level of care, we will provide recommendations to other programs that might be more suitable for your needs. Here are some of the reasons clients have given for why they chose RESOLUTIONS over other intensive outpatient treatment centers:

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Individualized Treatment

Most treatment centers, particularly at the outpatient level, rely almost exclusively on group psychotherapy as the primary treatment modality, while providing a maximum of one individual therapy session per week. It is more cost effective for treatment centers to have clients placed in large groups of 15-20 people rather than provide 15-20 hours of separate individual therapy sessions. At RESOLUTIONS our focus is more on one-on-one therapeutic modalities, which people get every day they participate in our IOP. This is unheard of in mental health, addiction, and dual diagnosis treatment programs.

Experienced Team

At RESOLUTIONS we believe that knowledge, experience and credentials matter when it comes to delivering absolute top-notch quality of care. That is why all of our individual therapists are licensed; treatment is not delivered by interns, recent graduates, or drug and alcohol counselors. The clinical depth of the treatment team is unparalleled.

We have over 500 years of combined clinical experience to offer clients. In addition, most of the staff have worked together in the past at the same treatment centers and thus have established an effective style of collaboration that ensures coordination of treatment. We encourage you to investigate other programs, and when you do you may wish to inquire about the credentials of the individual therapists, as well as how long they have worked together on the treatment team.

Customized Curriculum

For those who have been to residential treatment in the past or are coming out of rehab and transitioning to IOP as part of a step-down or after-care plan, they have done a multiplicity of groups and hopefully spent time identifying some of the areas that require additional focus. RESOLUTIONS provides an appropriate setting for such work with one-on-one sessions, which every client receives on a daily basis, in addition to the rest of their curriculum. We also understand the importance of group psychotherapy, which is why we have 25 groups from which clients can choose.

At RESOLUTIONS we work very hard to keep our group sizes small. Our experience has show that individual therapy can be a more efficient modality for some clients who require an entire hour focused solely on them, as opposed to 10 minutes (or less) of a one-hour group session.

Individualized Outpatient Treatment

RESOLUTIONS has quietly become the premier outpatient treatment center in the greater Los Angeles (Santa Monica) area, offering an individualized, holistic and integrative approach using evidence-based treatment modalities. We are staffed by licensed clinical psychologists and board-certified psychiatrists who have worked for respected residential and outpatient treatment centers in the past.

Your Partners in Recovery

The seasoned RESOLUTIONS team offers a level of clinical depth and experience that is unparalleled among existing treatment centers. We believe that one’s training and credentials matter when it comes to providing world-class treatment. Each staff member of the RESOLUTIONS clinical team is a leader in his or her respective field of specialty.

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