Our Team

Staffed by highly trained professionals, including licensed clinical psychologists and board-certified psychiatrists who have all worked for world class residential and outpatient treatment centers in the past, the RESOLUTIONS team offers a level of clinical depth and experience that is unparalleled among existing outpatient treatment programs.

Founder/Chief Clinical and Executive Officer

Dr. Reza Nabavi

Founder/Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Maryam Akbar

Executive Director (Teen Center)

Dr. Don Grant

Director of Testing/Assessment

Dr. Daniel Oakley

Program Director

Holly Forman, LMFT

Program Director

Erica Christopher, MSW

Program Director

Kimberly Benning, LMFT

Program Director

Rozi Hersey, AMFT

Primary/Group/Trauma (EMDR)

Paula Jones, LCSW

Primary/Group/Trauma (TRM)

Dr. Owen Petersen

Primary/Family (LGBTQ+ Specialist)

Mandie Pitrell, LCSW

Primary/Trauma (EMDR, Havening)

Bettina Ottenstein, LMFT

Primary/Trauma (EMDR, TRM)

Dr. Angela Aiello

Primary (CBT)/Family Therapist

Laura McLauchlin, LMFT

Primary/Trauma (EMDR)

Laurence Rosenthal, LMFT

Primary/Trauma (EMDR, TRM)

Lynne Bidwell, LMFT

Primary/Trauma (SE)

Patricia Becker, LCSW, SEP

Family/Couples Therapist/Coach

Julie Mermelstein, LMFT

dr chris weber
Primary/Group/Family Therapist

Chris Weber, CADC-II, LMFT

Chelsea Kuehl
Primary/Group Therapist (DBT)

Chelsea Kuehl, MA, CATC-IV, LMFT

Primary/Group (Daring Way)

Rhonda Sloan, LMFT

Primary/Group (Codependency)

Jon Mozenter, LMFT

Primary Therapist/Recovery Coach

Steve Friedlander, LMFT, CATC IV

Primary/Trauma/Group (DBT, EMDR)

Lydia Kosinar, LMFT

Registered Dietitian Supervisor

Ellyn Silverman, RD, MPH, CEDRD-S

Group Therapist (RO-DBT)

Tara Sindler, LMFT, CADC-II, SEP

Group Co-Facilitator (RO-DBT)

Stefanie Boone, RD, CEDRD

Group (Creative Expression)

Wendy Adamson, CADC-II

Spiritual Counselor/Meditation

Richard Burr

Dr. Mike-Malone
Life Coach/Mentor

Michael Malone

Life Coach (LGBTQ+ Specialty)

Luke Ryan, RADT-1


Shadoe Stevens

Mindfulness/Yoga Therapist

Katie Owsley Wills, RYT

Fitness/Personal Training

Rick Hagaman, CPT

Neurofeedback (BrainPaint)

Angela Smith, CPC

Reuben Chavira
Brain Map/qEEG Neurofeedback

Reuben Chavira

Director of Operations

Antonio Tutor, BS

Executive Assistant

Victoria Sangalang

Office Administrator

Maria Palacios

Clinical Director

Dr. Diana Ali

Primary/Group Therapist (DBT)

Jessie Maggenheimer, LMFT

Academic Tutor (Teen Center)

D'Elia Guarnieri

Clinical Director (Teen Center)

Dr. Samantha Schlossmann

Group (Stress Management)

Hyim Ross, LMFT

Aubrey Hessiani
Scheduling Coordinator

Aubrey Hessiani

Primary/Trauma (EMDR, TRM, CRM)

Melody J. Anderson, LCSW

Dr. Rebecca Tayebi
Family/Parent Coach (TEEN CENTER)

Rebekah Tayebi, ACSW

Administrative Assistant

Mia Sewell

Primary/Trauma (EMDR, SE)

Cathy Graf, LMFT, SEP

Meditation/ Spiritual Counseling

John Wilson