Cathy Graf, LMFT, SEP

Cathy Graf, LMFT, SEP

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Cathy Graf holds a Masters degree in clinical psychology and is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist as well as being a Somatic Experience Practitioner. Cathy’s approach to treatment is a combination of psychodynamic (talk) therapy, mindful awareness, somatic therapy, EMDR and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Most people have some form of trauma in their life be it large or small and often have a difficult time achieving balance in their lives as a result. By combining a mind-body approach to healing through talk, mindfulness, Somatic Experienceâ, EMDR and utilizing touch techniques (with a client’s permission), Cathy is able to gently guide an individual through the process of nervous system regulation to help him or her achieve balance, contentment, joy and a better understanding of his or her internal process.

She believes that although each individual is unique, everyone has an innate ability to change and heal. By assisting clients in resolving trauma of all kinds and encouraging empowerment, clients will find relief and renewal while experiencing a sense of safety and control.

She has also been active in spreading knowledge of somatic therapy by chairing the Somatic Therapies Special Interest Group through the Los Angeles chapter of CAMFT, a state-wide organization.