Deborah Morris, Psy.D.

dr deborah morris

Deborah Morris, Psy.D.

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Deborah J. Morris, Psy.D. has a doctorate in clinical psychology and has been in the field of recovery for 25 years. She is the founder and former owner of Greenspring Wellness Centers in Baltimore and Tucson, managing the business and maintaining a full private practice for 15 years. The centers specialized in alternative and preventive care, employing physicians, nurses, psychotherapists, and body practitioners.

She also has over 20 years experience leading seminars and workshops, creating training programs, and lecturing on wellness and emotional health. She has a deep affinity for the elderly, working in inpatient hospice and rehabilitation centers, and was a grief counselor for many years. She is trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy, a highly effective short-term therapy approach for individuals and couples, Psychosynthesis, and Experiential Psychotherapy.

She has created and led numerous ongoing specialized groups, such as Women in the Transition of Midlife, Recreating Your Life After Loss, and Relapse Prevention-Creating Safety in Early Sobriety.

Dr. Morris is Nationally Certified in Recovery Coaching, Nationally Certified in Family Recovery Coaching, and is a Certified Psychosynthesis Coach. As a Psychosynthesis Coach, she promotes the ongoing process of integrating all the parts, aspects, and energies of an individual into a harmonious, powerful whole. The process asks the client to show up fully, but without the old stories and limiting beliefs they have held onto. With the assumption that the important work of processing the past has been done, Dr. Morris moves to the next step, which is discovering the power and effectiveness of who we are, finding meaning and purpose in all aspects of our lives, and creating deep and meaningful change.

Through her experience with recovery and Psychosynthesis, Dr. Morris has developed Integrative Recovery Coaching, which combines the tenets of Psychosynthesis with the cognitive focus of recovery coaching. Clients are compassionately supported through the addiction recovery process, as they learn to understand sobriety, avoid relapse, and begin to rebuild their lives. In Integrative Recovery Coaching, we explore the crisis that occurs following the powerful life event of becoming sober, disidentifying from the darkness of addiction and integrating all parts of ourselves again. The proces assists in eliminating shame, and starts the process of rebuilding self-esteem.

In addition to her individual coaching and therapetic work, Dr. Morris also facilitates the Womens Process Group at RESOLUTIONS Therapeutic Services.