John Wilson

John Wilson

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John Wilson comes to Resolutions with his very own experience and knowledge about the feelings of grief and the journey through it.

During John’s 30+ years of recovery in 12-step programs, John branched out with his healing and immersed himself in the study of the grieving process. During this time, he learned about the consequences that arise from ignoring or “fixing” grief, instead of whole-heartedly facing it. John understands the courage it takes to open one’s heart and explore their feelings around traumas, so he became a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist in order to help others navigate their grief and heal instead of trying to reconcile it alone.

Beyond 12-step and grief certification, John studied Religious Science, Science of Mind and Mindful Awareness with the world-renowned, Dr. Robert Bitzer along with being a long-time member of a Sangha, as a student of the Darma.

In his daily life, John continues to practice the daily meditation teachings he gained from respected Buddhist teachers. Along with attending many silent retreats, with said teachers, from around the world.

His goal each day is to help other heal and validate each creature he encounters with Love and Kindness, even if it’s in the form of a simple smile or the opening of a door.