Luke Ryan

Luke Ryan

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Hello, I am Luke Ryan. My journey began as a driver for a Malibu rehab. I was very eager to become a clinician and accepted the position in order to absorb the atmosphere and take an up close look at the field. My hard work and potential was recognized by the clinical director who saw in me the desire, focus and dedication to help people through their situations and assist and encourage them to grow to a healthy productive place in their lives. I was trained on the job by some of the best therapists and doctors in the country while I worked to earn my credentials. I swiftly moved my way up from driver to counselor and began individual sessions as well as leading group therapy.​

After several years I spread my wings and went out into the world to see where else I could be of service. How fortunate and rewarded I feel to be able to say I have worked as a counselor and life coach in many mental health facilities, rehabs, intensive outpatient programs and in my own private practice. Throughout the years I have become even more passionate and fulfilled seeing my client’s progress. I have become an addiction specialist, developed a great compassion for the LGBTQ community and focused my interest in sexual identity and transgender transitioning as well as honed my unique style of general life coaching.​

My approach is very gentle and I meet each client where they are making this a complete individual process. I am all about self discovery and the exciting path of personal growth.

​Thank you so much and be well.