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“I can’t express my gratitude for Resolutions in words. From top to bottom, they don’t only provide the best care from a clinical standpoint, they really care. They provide a safe place where people just get better. It’s a family community that’s second to no other. I’ve been searching for solutions my whole life, been to several in-patients, been trying to get sober for years, and it’s been a surreal experience being able to participate in recovery through Resolutions. They provided the spiritual, mental, and physical make over I needed. I’ve developed future lifelong relationships through Resolutions, from my case manager, my therapist, spiritual advisor, yoga instructor, group leaders, neurofeedback technician, acupuncturist, office staff, and all the way up to Reza. I love them like family. I am forever grateful to Resolutions. Without the guidance and support from them, I would not be where I am today.” – March 2017