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“Having spent twenty plus years navigating the mental health/addiction medical options system for a loved one, and only occasionally having the good fortune to connect with a professional who is bright, caring, approachable and genuinely concerned, finding Reza Nabavi is a gift!

Reza Nabavi is all of the above. Several years ago a professional relationship with Reza was established. The therapy (patient and effective) and insightful wisdom provided by Reza has effectively led to great success with the most important huge element of HOPE rediscovered.

Reza came into our family picture at the lowest point in the patient’s recovery. Reza persisted to uncover the underlying triggers of the patient’s situation and win the patient’s trust to use the tools provided to improve slowly but lastingly towards possible wellness and independence.

Reza accepted the very difficult challenge of an “at first quite desperate situation.” Reza has been truthful in his assessment(s) and invited additional professional help designed specifically for the need of the patient (spiritual/meditation, acupuncture, psychiatry and mentoring, when appropriate).

This team approach orchestrated by Reza’s insight into the patient’s status has led to continued and positive changes for which all of us are ever grateful.” – May 2015