150 150 Resolutions Therapeutic Services

“By the time I arrived here, I was already a very jaded person about the treatment system. In fact, as I realize these days in retrospect, I was a jaded person about pretty much everything one could be skeptical of. Addiction can harden a person, myself certainly no exception: I enshrouded myself and my ideas in a thick layer of condescension that often resisted change. As many of us (I assume if you are reading this you must have some interest in treatment) are funneled through institution after generalized institution, these convictions only serve to become solidified – that we are always right, that people don’t care about us, that all they want is our money, etcetera etcetera. It is hard to discriminate between treatment centers because any outpatient with a marketing team is smart enough to have the same bottom line in their advertising and outreach: personalized, individualized care, genuine support. Beyond all those buzzwords though, what we really search for (or at least what I really searched for, and failed time and time again to find) is a treatment service that cares about us as PEOPLE, not as dollar signs, and wants to see us become the best version of ourselves.

I can say without a doubt that I have found these sentiments and positive qualities–which so many other treatment centers emptily harp–to be genuinely true of this location, and only this location. Of course there will be naysayers…in an industry helping people who have been, for a large part of their lives, characterized by defiance. You cannot and will not get better if you don’t want to, and some blame others for their own failings. But if you genuinely want to not just recover, but grow as a person, this is the place for you. They will stick by you unfailingly. My schedule is constantly evolving and changing–I have a fast-paced life. But for some time now, they have been consistently shaping and reshaping my schedule around my individual needs from both a time perspective and treatment perspective. I have seen several different psychologists, as well as a psychiatrist when requested. The groups aid my individual progress rather than throwing me in with everybody else and serving us all the same shtick (like with most IOPs). I have developed one of the most difficult things for me to develop with this place–trust. It really is my safe haven, and it will be yours too if you allow it to be.” – January 2016