150 150 Resolutions Therapeutic Services

“When I tell you I have been to many IOP programs in my time in active addiction trust me when I tell you the number is very high. To say that resolutions was the best of them would not be doing the program justice. Doctor Reza and his team have put together a program that combines the best old school talk therapy with cutting edge new age approaches like acupuncture and neurofeedback. Even more important then the actual services that are available at resolutions is the care and support I felt while going to there program when just leaving treatment and becoming newly sober this is actually where the work begins its easy to stay sober while inside a treatment facility but once you start to go back into the real world this is where things get tricky. I can tell you I felt completely  safe in my early days of sobriety because I had the support of resolutions. They designed a plan specifically for my needs which included a nutritionist meditation group therapy acupuncture and 1 on 1 therapy in all honesty I made more progress in this custom designed program then in any other treatment program I have every taken part in.  Another positive aspect of resolutions is the pedigree of the staff populating it they are absolutely the best in the business at what they do and to this day I still use my therapist that I first engaged with at resolutions. The final point I’ll make is this I have been sober for almost two years now and prior to this I had trouble staying off drugs for a day, I credit a huge portion of my success to the tools and coping mechanisms I learned at resolutions I can’t say enough good things about them.” – February 2016