150 150 Resolutions Therapeutic Services

“I have been in and out of seven different in patients rehab prior to Resolutions. Therefore, I was already pretty familiar with the usual treatments, groups, counselors.

On my last relapse, after waking up in prison after only a very brief, but destructive  relapse, I felt hopeless, I have had all the help in the world from some of the best places.

I was told that Resolutions would tailor to my needs. I could pick what I needed! Not just start again as if I was new, or just like anybody else. I could pick specific groups, therapists, and treatments, that I knew I needed. Everyone is different, and they recognize this. There was an incredible variety to pick from, like art therapy, DBT skills, EMDR, neurofeedback, life coaching, nutritionist, movement, music, and more!

The therapists, psychiatrists, acupuncturist, assistants, case managers, and more and more have been so accommodating, sweet, and wonderful to me! I went in very ready to dig deep into issues that had been glazed over previously, then I realized we were gonna peel more layers off! This has been terrifying, but They’ve pushed me, held me, and I can honestly say I’ve never been better.

It has been painful to really “recover” myself, but that is the hurdle needed for recovery.

I’ve grown to adore the people at resolutions, and I’m happy that, unlike other treatments centers, I can continue to see the people I need, when I need, until I feel strong enough again.” – May 2016