150 150 Resolutions Therapeutic Services

“I have been attending Resolutions for about 4 months now, and I sincerely believe that it has been the helping hand that I needed in order to function properly in my day to day life. I decided to go to IOP as I felt my life had become stagnant, and was having difficulty in nearly every area of my day to day functions. Although I was sober I was facing depression, insomnia, difficulty eating, showering, keeping any form of routine, sleeping all day, finding it difficult to face the day and get out of bed. I was functioning in the most limited way possible, and after a year of fluctuating in and out of this dysfunction, I had for months been contemplating reaching out for help. When I did reach out, the difficulty of finding a solution to help in all of these dysfunctional areas, proved to be a challenge. IOP was not even an option that I had considered. I luckily have a boyfriend who had been through Resolutions. I have been through treatment centers before, as well as watched many of my friends go through multiple treatment centers, and I had become extremely distrustful of any form of treatment facility. In my history with treatment centers there have been extremely negative experiences. I went into Resolutions with great hesitation and was looking for any signs of disingenuous behavior. I found that EVERY SINGLE staff member there is actually there to help each INDIVIDUAL client that walks through their doors. This had to be the first most shocking revelation I found with Resolutions. I then found their structure, therapists, and staff to be organized, loving, kind, caring, respectful, intelligent, attentive, and so forth. Each individual client is set up with a case manager, therapists, and groups that are best suited to their unique personality. They take time to individualize this experience to each person, and they make sure to be in constant contact with you, to help you every step of the way.
Within the first two months of Resolutions my life changed. Things such as faxing forms, sending emails, contacting my new college counselor, etc. Simple things that in the past I couldn’t ask for the help I needed, and let build up and overwhelm me.

Resolutions, for me, has been the helping hand that I needed to get my life back on track and to become consistent again. Resolutions has truly been a gift and I am so grateful to everyone that works there!” – August 2016