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“It is a miracle that I found Resolutions – I don’t believe any other treatment center would have given me back my safety, my family and a life worth living. I arrived after making a suicide attempt. I have suffered from depression my whole life however did not know that I am bipolar. I am 50+ years old.

Read this review and you will think that I am exaggerating. Just ask the dozens of clients that I have met here over the past 6 months. For many of my peers, this is their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or even 6th treatment center. And the consensus is: Resolutions is unique and a gift to all of us.

Here’s the Resolutions formula:

1. Hands on daily management by founder and CEO Dr. Reza Nabavi.

2. The expertise of each professional that I meet with is off the charts. And I have been in therapy my whole life. I have had so many “a-ha” moments in group therapy.

3. True team management. My individual psychoanalyst, spiritual coach, family therapist, acupuncturist, neurofeedback specialist, team coordinator, and psychiatrist communicate very closely with one another. I don’t have to repeat my story to each one. Each knows what the outcome/struggle was in my family therapy session the day before or that my medication has changed.

4. I meet with my therapy coordinator (who is a therapist herself) each week to discuss what changes I want to make for my treatment. She also responds to my texts in record speed. She is my “go-to person” for everything. If I request, she will swap me out a therapist that I am not connecting with. Or give me more group therapy. Or schedule me to meet more often with my family therapist. Never pushback. Never attitude. Genuine care for my recovery. And the changes happen the next week.

5. Coordination between administration and clinical team is seamless. A well-oiled machine. The administrative team is organized, flexible, and thoughtful. An open door policy. Always willing to help.

6. Resolutions has a Mind-Body-Spirit approach to healing. And every professional values and lives their lives according to this world view.

7. Every therapist and professional that I have worked with has dealt with mental illness or addiction of some kind themselves. I feel totally understood. There is no ivory tower by-the-book therapy. They have walked in my shoes in some way, and for this reason, I trust their advice and process.

8. My spiritual coach is part of the magic of this place. I know “spiritual coach” sounds granola L.A. That’s how I felt. However, the reality is that my spirit was broken and now it’s on the mend.

9. Resolutions slowly introduces you back into the real world in a caring, accommodating way.

I am sad and yes a bit fearful to leave this place that I have called home for many months. Resolutions is handing me off to professionals back home for a smooth re-entry. I believe the growth that I have experienced and life changes I have made will be permanent. I feel it. I feel so different than ever before. There will still be ups and downs, however I have learned how to recognize and tame these mood swings before they become a tsunami. I am happier and more balanced than I can remember.

Finally, I know that I am welcome to return for a “booster shot” if I choose – and that gives me and my family great comfort. Thank you – I am so grateful to everyone at Resolutions.” – July 2017