For Professionals

Thank you for considering RESOLUTIONS Therapeutic Services as an option for your client’s intensive outpatient treatment. We know there are many choices nowadays for IOP, and appreciate your vote of confidence in our program as well as the expertise of our experienced clinical team.

Collaboration with outside professionals, such as yourself, is one of our highest priorities. As a referent, your thoughts and feedback are valuable to us because they are based on your professional experiences with the client. We welcome your recommendations and incorporate it in the creation of your client’s individualized program. That is one aspect of our customizable program that distinguishes us from all the rest.

When you refer someone to RESOLUTIONS Therapeutic Services, your involvement won’t end there. In fact, we welcome you to join the treatment team in our interdisciplinary clinical meeting on Thursday mornings where we go over each case at length. This can be done in person or over the phone, where you receive feedback from all the individual and group therapists on the case. Our observations and insights could be helpful in your work with that client during and after IOP.

If you are a psychiatrist who refers a patient to RESOLUTIONS Therapeutic Services, we will refrain from assigning any of our four psychiatrists to do the routine psychiatric assessment and medication management, unless you express a desire to get a second opinion. As the patient’s psychiatrist you will be able to continue all medication management and we will schedule the patient’s IOP around your existing appointment times.

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