Trauma Treatment

It is clear that childhood trauma should be carefully considered when developing treatment strategies for adults with mental illness and/or substance abuse. A thorough trauma assessment is essential as part of the standard psychosocial assessment that is done upon intake. The problem is that if you were to ask most people whether or not they have experienced trauma, the majority will say no. It takes a very specific and specialized skill-set to conduct a trauma assessment, and again, this is not something that even most psychologists and psychiatrists know how to do. Specialized information, training, and skills are needed to work with clients who have been traumatized, whether the trauma was short term and circumscribed or was more extensive and complex.

Some of the trauma therapies that are offered at RESOLUTIONS include: cognitive processing therapy (CPT), trauma resiliency model (TRM), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), somatic experiencing (SE), and brainspotting. At RESOLUTIONS, we carefully select which of the many trauma therapies would be most suitable for each client. Many clients can benefit from the evidence-based cognitive approach to trauma resolution. However, others might not respond to talk therapy at all, making cognitive treatment ineffective. Our trauma specialists have the training and experience to know when somatic and brain-based therapies would be more beneficial in such cases.

At RESOLUTIONS, we treat PTSD, developmental trauma, relational trauma, and complex trauma. Our trauma specialists are leaders in this field and have had extensive training, research, and professional work experience related to trauma. Even today, the professional training of most therapists unfortunately does not include attention to trauma and posttraumatic responses, despite the fact that traumatized individuals make up high percentages of clients. Not infrequently, this circumstance has led to a mismatch in terms of the needs of clients and the availability of trauma-informed therapy and trauma resolution, resulting at best in modest and short-lived progress and worst in tragic consequences, including ongoing posttraumatic stagnation, decline, and death. Some studies have found that over 50% of individuals who develop alcoholism have experienced some form of childhood trauma.

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Dear Friends,

With the goal of providing continuing care and comprehensive support for our clients confined during
the “stay at home” directive, Resolutions was beyond grateful for the ability to fully migrate all levels of
our comprehensive care program to telehealth platforming last March. From what our clients have
shared with us, the support provided was invaluable.

Now, after months of conscientious planning, we are equally grateful to welcome clients back for full in-
person treatment services. Carefully and continually guided by the recommendations of the Centers For
Disease Control, National Institutes of Health, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare
Organizations (JCAHO), and requirements for both Los Angeles County and the city of Santa Monica, our
new re-opening health and safety protection protocols are now fully adopted and in place, to ensure our
commitment to providing the highest quality of treatment, in the safest possible environment, for both
our clients and their families.

For those still unable to attend face-to-face sessions, we will continue providing our full complement of
treatment services via telehealth, for as long as necessary. For those who would prefer in-person
treatment services, but due to their current situation cannot fully participate face-to-face, we are also
able to offer a “hybrid” treatment program blend of both telehealth and in-person sessions.
These past few months have been extremely challenging for all of us, and we truly hope that you and
yours have stayed safe and sound. We are so appreciative for the continued ability to provide our
therapeutic services to current clients, and warmly invite any who find themselves struggling during
these uncertain times to please reach out to us-we are here to help in any way we can.