“It is a miracle that I found Resolutions – I don’t believe any other treatment center would have given me back my safety, my family and a life worth living. I arrived after making a suicide attempt. I have suffered from depression my whole life however did not know that I am bipolar. I am 50+ years old.

Read this review and you will think that I am exaggerating. Just ask the dozens of clients that I have met here over the past 6 months. For many of my peers, this is their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or even 6th treatment center. And the consensus is: Resolutions is unique and a gift to all of us.

Here’s the Resolutions formula:

1. Hands on daily management by founder and CEO Dr. Reza Nabavi.

2. The expertise of each professional that I meet with is off the charts. And I have been in therapy my whole life. I have had so many “a-ha” moments in group therapy.

3. True team management. My individual psychoanalyst, spiritual coach, family therapist, acupuncturist, neurofeedback specialist, team coordinator, and psychiatrist communicate very closely with one another. I don’t have to repeat my story to each one. Each knows what the outcome/struggle was in my family therapy session the day before or that my medication has changed.

4. I meet with my therapy coordinator (who is a therapist herself) each week to discuss what changes I want to make for my treatment. She also responds to my texts in record speed. She is my “go-to person” for everything. If I request, she will swap me out a therapist that I am not connecting with. Or give me more group therapy. Or schedule me to meet more often with my family therapist. Never pushback. Never attitude. Genuine care for my recovery. And the changes happen the next week.

5. Coordination between administration and clinical team is seamless. A well-oiled machine. The administrative team is organized, flexible, and thoughtful. An open door policy. Always willing to help.

6. Resolutions has a Mind-Body-Spirit approach to healing. And every professional values and lives their lives according to this world view.

7. Every therapist and professional that I have worked with has dealt with mental illness or addiction of some kind themselves. I feel totally understood. There is no ivory tower by-the-book therapy. They have walked in my shoes in some way, and for this reason, I trust their advice and process.

8. My spiritual coach is part of the magic of this place. I know “spiritual coach” sounds granola L.A. That’s how I felt. However, the reality is that my spirit was broken and now it’s on the mend.

9. Resolutions slowly introduces you back into the real world in a caring, accommodating way.

I am sad and yes a bit fearful to leave this place that I have called home for many months. Resolutions is handing me off to professionals back home for a smooth re-entry. I believe the growth that I have experienced and life changes I have made will be permanent. I feel it. I feel so different than ever before. There will still be ups and downs, however I have learned how to recognize and tame these mood swings before they become a tsunami. I am happier and more balanced than I can remember.

Finally, I know that I am welcome to return for a “booster shot” if I choose – and that gives me and my family great comfort. Thank you – I am so grateful to everyone at Resolutions.” – July 2017

“I was lost and broken, and suffering with a newly discovered bipolar disorder after 16 days in a psychiatric hospital. Thank God my psychologist steered me to Resolutions where they helped me put myself back together after decades of substance abuse and self medication.

The therapists are wonderful and have given me many new tools to forge ahead in life, and I’ve seen so many patients who have benefited from their expert care.

I would recommend Resolutions without hesitation and give it ten stars if I could. They’ve helped guide me back to a bright and promising life path when all seemed so dark and hopeless.

Many, many thanks to the all-star therapists and organization at Resolutions!” – December 2016

“I have been attending Resolutions for about 4 months now, and I sincerely believe that it has been the helping hand that I needed in order to function properly in my day to day life. I decided to go to IOP as I felt my life had become stagnant, and was having difficulty in nearly every area of my day to day functions. Although I was sober I was facing depression, insomnia, difficulty eating, showering, keeping any form of routine, sleeping all day, finding it difficult to face the day and get out of bed. I was functioning in the most limited way possible, and after a year of fluctuating in and out of this dysfunction, I had for months been contemplating reaching out for help. When I did reach out, the difficulty of finding a solution to help in all of these dysfunctional areas, proved to be a challenge. IOP was not even an option that I had considered. I luckily have a boyfriend who had been through Resolutions. I have been through treatment centers before, as well as watched many of my friends go through multiple treatment centers, and I had become extremely distrustful of any form of treatment facility. In my history with treatment centers there have been extremely negative experiences. I went into Resolutions with great hesitation and was looking for any signs of disingenuous behavior. I found that EVERY SINGLE staff member there is actually there to help each INDIVIDUAL client that walks through their doors. This had to be the first most shocking revelation I found with Resolutions. I then found their structure, therapists, and staff to be organized, loving, kind, caring, respectful, intelligent, attentive, and so forth. Each individual client is set up with a case manager, therapists, and groups that are best suited to their unique personality. They take time to individualize this experience to each person, and they make sure to be in constant contact with you, to help you every step of the way.
Within the first two months of Resolutions my life changed. Things such as faxing forms, sending emails, contacting my new college counselor, etc. Simple things that in the past I couldn’t ask for the help I needed, and let build up and overwhelm me.

Resolutions, for me, has been the helping hand that I needed to get my life back on track and to become consistent again. Resolutions has truly been a gift and I am so grateful to everyone that works there!” – August 2016

“Resolutions is one of the most amazing IOP’s in LA. They tailor everything to you from deciding what groups best fit you, to different kinds of individual therapy. Everyone who works there is super helpful and supportive. They help me put my life back together. I can’t say enough good things about Doctor Reza. He is so friendly and was so helpful to me.” – July 2016

“I have been in and out of seven different in patients rehab prior to Resolutions. Therefore, I was already pretty familiar with the usual treatments, groups, counselors.

On my last relapse, after waking up in prison after only a very brief, but destructive  relapse, I felt hopeless, I have had all the help in the world from some of the best places.

I was told that Resolutions would tailor to my needs. I could pick what I needed! Not just start again as if I was new, or just like anybody else. I could pick specific groups, therapists, and treatments, that I knew I needed. Everyone is different, and they recognize this. There was an incredible variety to pick from, like art therapy, DBT skills, EMDR, neurofeedback, life coaching, nutritionist, movement, music, and more!

The therapists, psychiatrists, acupuncturist, assistants, case managers, and more and more have been so accommodating, sweet, and wonderful to me! I went in very ready to dig deep into issues that had been glazed over previously, then I realized we were gonna peel more layers off! This has been terrifying, but They’ve pushed me, held me, and I can honestly say I’ve never been better.

It has been painful to really “recover” myself, but that is the hurdle needed for recovery.

I’ve grown to adore the people at resolutions, and I’m happy that, unlike other treatments centers, I can continue to see the people I need, when I need, until I feel strong enough again.” – May 2016

“Resolutions Therapeutic Services is one of those places that can’t be compared with others, one that you will never forget, and one that will change your life for the better.  Their groups are fantastic with amazing facilitators.  Most importantly they care about you, your individual needs and are always more than willing to help. I have never personally written a review for any business but I am doing in for Resolutions because that’s how impressed I am with the people there. They solidified my sobriety. Highly recommended!” – May 2016

“When I tell you I have been to many IOP programs in my time in active addiction trust me when I tell you the number is very high. To say that resolutions was the best of them would not be doing the program justice. Doctor Reza and his team have put together a program that combines the best old school talk therapy with cutting edge new age approaches like acupuncture and neurofeedback. Even more important then the actual services that are available at resolutions is the care and support I felt while going to there program when just leaving treatment and becoming newly sober this is actually where the work begins its easy to stay sober while inside a treatment facility but once you start to go back into the real world this is where things get tricky. I can tell you I felt completely  safe in my early days of sobriety because I had the support of resolutions. They designed a plan specifically for my needs which included a nutritionist meditation group therapy acupuncture and 1 on 1 therapy in all honesty I made more progress in this custom designed program then in any other treatment program I have every taken part in.  Another positive aspect of resolutions is the pedigree of the staff populating it they are absolutely the best in the business at what they do and to this day I still use my therapist that I first engaged with at resolutions. The final point I’ll make is this I have been sober for almost two years now and prior to this I had trouble staying off drugs for a day, I credit a huge portion of my success to the tools and coping mechanisms I learned at resolutions I can’t say enough good things about them.” – February 2016

“Dr. Reza and his staff helped save my life. This place has by far the best hands on approach available. The benefits of having a staff that cares, far out ways the cost.  I was exposed to therapeutic services I had never heard of, but that was tertiary to the personal connections that a few key staff members and I made. They held me remain accountable and gave me guided care I so desperately needed but was unwilling to do for myself. For me, it was impossible to do alone. I am forever grateful for the team there.” – February 2016

“By the time I arrived here, I was already a very jaded person about the treatment system. In fact, as I realize these days in retrospect, I was a jaded person about pretty much everything one could be skeptical of. Addiction can harden a person, myself certainly no exception: I enshrouded myself and my ideas in a thick layer of condescension that often resisted change. As many of us (I assume if you are reading this you must have some interest in treatment) are funneled through institution after generalized institution, these convictions only serve to become solidified – that we are always right, that people don’t care about us, that all they want is our money, etcetera etcetera. It is hard to discriminate between treatment centers because any outpatient with a marketing team is smart enough to have the same bottom line in their advertising and outreach: personalized, individualized care, genuine support. Beyond all those buzzwords though, what we really search for (or at least what I really searched for, and failed time and time again to find) is a treatment service that cares about us as PEOPLE, not as dollar signs, and wants to see us become the best version of ourselves.

I can say without a doubt that I have found these sentiments and positive qualities–which so many other treatment centers emptily harp–to be genuinely true of this location, and only this location. Of course there will be naysayers…in an industry helping people who have been, for a large part of their lives, characterized by defiance. You cannot and will not get better if you don’t want to, and some blame others for their own failings. But if you genuinely want to not just recover, but grow as a person, this is the place for you. They will stick by you unfailingly. My schedule is constantly evolving and changing–I have a fast-paced life. But for some time now, they have been consistently shaping and reshaping my schedule around my individual needs from both a time perspective and treatment perspective. I have seen several different psychologists, as well as a psychiatrist when requested. The groups aid my individual progress rather than throwing me in with everybody else and serving us all the same shtick (like with most IOPs). I have developed one of the most difficult things for me to develop with this place–trust. It really is my safe haven, and it will be yours too if you allow it to be.” – January 2016

“Having spent twenty plus years navigating the mental health/addiction medical options system for a loved one, and only occasionally having the good fortune to connect with a professional who is bright, caring, approachable and genuinely concerned, finding Reza Nabavi is a gift!

Reza Nabavi is all of the above. Several years ago a professional relationship with Reza was established. The therapy (patient and effective) and insightful wisdom provided by Reza has effectively led to great success with the most important huge element of HOPE rediscovered.

Reza came into our family picture at the lowest point in the patient’s recovery. Reza persisted to uncover the underlying triggers of the patient’s situation and win the patient’s trust to use the tools provided to improve slowly but lastingly towards possible wellness and independence.

Reza accepted the very difficult challenge of an “at first quite desperate situation.” Reza has been truthful in his assessment(s) and invited additional professional help designed specifically for the need of the patient (spiritual/meditation, acupuncture, psychiatry and mentoring, when appropriate).

This team approach orchestrated by Reza’s insight into the patient’s status has led to continued and positive changes for which all of us are ever grateful.” – May 2015

“Dr. Nabavi worked with me through an especially challenging time in my life. He remained remarkably patient and professional with me, thought I was often erratic and difficult to work with. He is caring, empathic and relatable. I recommend him without reservation – he is a wonderful therapist!” – August 2013

“Dr. Reza and his team of professional were the right treatment center for my younger cousin who went through a difficult time with his addiction. They were there to support him through the entire process from initial counseling and case management to daily treatment and follow up. Their unique approach of treating young adults was incredibly effective for him as he was placed in age appropriate groups with peers with whom they often maintain relationships outside of IOP. Highly recommended team.” – July 2015

“I can’t express my gratitude for Resolutions in words. From top to bottom, they don’t only provide the best care from a clinical standpoint, they really care. They provide a safe place where people just get better. It’s a family community that’s second to no other. I’ve been searching for solutions my whole life, been to several in-patients, been trying to get sober for years, and it’s been a surreal experience being able to participate in recovery through Resolutions. They provided the spiritual, mental, and physical make over I needed. I’ve developed future lifelong relationships through Resolutions, from my case manager, my therapist, spiritual advisor, yoga instructor, group leaders, neurofeedback technician, acupuncturist, office staff, and all the way up to Reza. I love them like family. I am forever grateful to Resolutions. Without the guidance and support from them, I would not be where I am today.” – March 2017

“Resolutions Treatment Center is 110% the most effective, individualized, and compassionate program for not only alcohol and drug abuse but mental health services. The staff are indescribably intelligent and compassionate human beings. I truly believe that the people at this treatment facility care about my well being and take recovery very seriously. Every staff member goes above and beyond to make sure all my needs are met as well as being 3 steps ahead of me. I receive thoughtful text messages from my therapist and case manager checking on me during events such as family vacations etc. I can call my therapist and case manager well after hours or on weekends and they always get back to me promptly and ready to help.” – September 2016

“There are many words one can use to define Dr Reza Nabavi, he is compassionate, intelligent, insightful, caring, generous and in incredible doctor, but it’s not just these qualities that set him apart. What truly makes him a genuine asset to his community, patients, and friends are his actions. Reza cares, and it shines through in his work. He is the type of health care professional who puts his patients well being first, while blending a business model that is creative, insuring that the outcome of your visits is a positive experience. I visited Reza on a regular basis for close to one year and found the experience to be life changing. He took the type of interest in my overall development and well being that is only seen in the highest of professional standards. We touched on many facets of a colorful life; and I thank him and recommend him highly.” – April 2014